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The New ThemeShift

→ April 14, 2011 in deCanto, News

I’ve been busy during the last months… very busy. Today I’m happy to present you the new ThemeShift website and branding, a new theme options panel full of awesomeness and finally the first ThemeShift theme 2011.

The New ThemeShift


The entire ThemeShift website was rebuild from scratch. First I started to design a new logo because I was somehow tired of the old one. In my opinion the new one is more comtemporary and more flexible.

Apart from the new look and feel there is a new member area for ThemeShift clients. Once you purchase a theme from this site, you get access to this area with a General Usage section (same for all themes) with basic tutorials and screencasts on how to use ThemeShift themes. And then there are theme-specific areas with extensive documentation (tutorials & screencasts) only dedicated to the corresponding theme of the user.

ThemeShift users that are were signed up in the old support forum will already have access to the members are with their existing login credentials. In some cases users had to request a new password.

In addition to that there is a support forum. This was acutally my first attempt to combine a larger WordPress website (including the Members plugin) with a bbPress installation. It has been a long way but now everything is (or seems) up and running.

Theme Options

Another big announcement is the new and fully AJAX-driven (no more page loads) theme options panel I will build new themes on. It will be even easier now to customize the theme to your liking from the WordPress admin.

There is also good news for developers that want to use ThemeShift themes for client sites. In a config file you can enable the developer mode that gives you access to branding options (change logo of options panel and WordPress login) and to a page where you can acutally manage the theme options. Let’s say it’s a theme options options page where you can create new option fields with a few clicks and no page loads. I’m pretty proud of that feature.

The theme options pages are based on the OptionTree plugin by Derek Herman from Envato. It was heavily customized by Ralf Albert to meet my requirements. A big thanks to you guys! I’ll go into detail and send some special thanks in a separate post.

New Theme

Last but not least and to enlighten (or not) the face of my girl-friend ensuring the twelve-hour coding sessions I created a new theme that is already sporting the new theme options panel.

deCanto is an incredibly flexible and professional business WordPress theme. Through the extensive layout and styling options customizing the theme to your liking is a matter of seconds.

deCanto Theme Info
deCanto Theme Demo

That’s all Folks!

That’s it for now. I hope you like the new look of the site and everything. I’d love to hear your opinion on this in the comments!


  1. Wow it looks much better and awesome

  2. Hi Simon,

    hab es gestern schon durch Zufall gesehen, da ich gerade an einem neuen Projekt arbeite, in dem es um Premium WordPress Themes geht und ich ein Banner von dir gebraucht hab :P

    Sieht wirklich geil aus. Auch das neue Theme und die neuen Theme-Options sehen vielversprechend aus!

    Großer Applaus und weiter so.
    Wegen den anderen Dingen, meldest dich dann via Mail, wenn du wieder atmen kannst :P

    grüße Ralf

  3. Sorry wegen dem Doppel-Kommentar.
    Mir fällt gerade ein, dass wenn man die aufruft das Layout nicht passt. ;-)

    grüße Ralf

  4. Thanks man. Appreciate your feedback!

  5. Danke für Dein nettes Feedback Ralf! Auch die .de ist nun umgestellt. Verdammt viele Baustellen zu beachten.

  6. Glaub ich dir. Und einige Kleinigkeiten findet man immer erst, wenn die Seite online ist ;-)

  7. Simon, the new design looks gorgeous! The new logo is hot, the new color and branding also hot, and all the interaction feels friendly, confident, and intuitive. The TS-branded login page is a really nice touch, too. I’m sure this was a TON of work, so congratulations!

    You should know also, we’ve gotten tons of compliments on the site built from deCondo. :)

  8. Hey Adam, thanks a lot for your kind words! This is really motivating. Indeed it was a lot of work during the last 3 or 4 months. Also, I added your really awesome customization of the deCondo theme to the showcase. Great job!

  9. Very deserved, man. It’s lovely. And thank you for popping the customization onto your list. I’m a little concerned all the work it’s gonna take to keep that customization when the next draft of deCondo drops, but those’re the risks, right?

  10. Thanks Adam. Yeah, the changes in template files will be lost when you update. For the future you may want to check out child themes. You’ll find a tutorial on how to create it in the theme docs.

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