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Introducing ThemeShift 2.0

→ June 20, 2012 in News

Let me introduce you to the all new version 2.0 of the ThemeShift website and say a word about the new theme framework FrameShift and the near future of ThemeShift.

1. The Website

As you probably might have noticed, apart from the new ThemeShift logo this website has been totally redesigned. It feels much simpler and is built with the latest trends towards minimalism and responsiveness in mind. This means you can now read the latest ThemeShift news and theme documentation on your iPhone without straining your eyes.

Customers will be delighted to hear that the support section has been reorganized too. Internal linking should work much better now. The forum has been ported from the bbPress stand-alone to the plugin version to enhance integration into the website. Along other enhancements the new forum also features a more effective search function to make sure you get answers to your questions as quickly as possible.

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2. The Framework

But ThemeShift has not only been improved on the frontend. There is now also a new theme framework in place to ensure a solid code base for all future ThemeShift themes. It is called FrameShift and is currently only for internal use. That means I’ll keep on publishing rock-solid stand-alone themes. To see FrameShift in action you may also want to check out my latest theme dePosito that is built on FrameShift.

FrameShift is very flexible. The home page and sidebar can now be built up entirely by dragging and dropping default or custom widgets into the corresponding areas. FrameShift also comes with a lot of layout options on the theme settings page and all post edit screens so you can individually style your content with ease.

For developers and advanced users there are loads of actions and filters that hook into the code to tailor themes to your needs. And you can organize your content with the comprehensive set of short codes.

For more info check out the
FrameShift Info or FrameShift Docs

3. The Future

In the near future you’ll see more action on this site. I implemented this massive redesign while maintaining my high level of support and preparing another upcoming project that I’ll be presenting soon. That means I have been really, really busy. After all ThemeShift is still a one-man business but this will change quite soon. Stay tuned for more great news!

Due to this lack of time I couldn’t pay as much attention to releasing free themes, which actually was the first thing I did when I started with WordPress. Later this year you’ll see new free ThemeShift themes in the official theme repository… if they still allow me to list them of course :) These free high-end themes will also be built on FrameShift. I hope that WordPress pros and beginners alike will benefit from them.

4. The Feedback

I already received some great feedback on the new site from my users in the forums etc. What do YOU think about the ThemeShift redesign? Do you like the new look and feel? What’s your opinion about the left alignment of the website? Do you find it user-unfriendly on bigger screens? Thanks in advance for your opinion.


  1. This is great. Congrats on the new design and implementations. We have always loved your work and themes. Keep it up :)

  2. Great work, Simon.

  3. Rich

    have you viewed your new theme in on a widescreen laptop? Goes to the left.

    .row{margin: 0 auto}


  4. Hey Rich, it not a but, it’s a feature ;)

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