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Release: Portfolio Theme deLucide

→ July 21, 2010 in deLucide, Theme Releases

Today I’m really happy to present you my newest portfolio WordPress theme. deLucide is a very sleek and elegant portfolio WordPress theme to showcase your work online. Manage your porfolio without any programming skills.

Hard Time

It has been a while since I published my last theme. As some of you might know I’ve been moving from Canary Islands to Andalucía (South Spain). I still don’t have internet connection (WIFI) but thanks to my brave little iPhone I’m able to keep up the work for ThemeShift. Sorry to those who have been waiting and asking for this theme. I hope everything will be back to normal soon.

Finally Done!

I hope you like the look and feel of the theme. Check it out:

Portfolio Theme deLucide


  1. Lovely for those who loves dark portfolio website.

  2. Great dark portfolio theme,i love it.

  3. Simon,

    It looks fantastic. I love all the details that you have put care into creating. I would like to see a light version of this. Some of my clients like dark but many like lighter templates, too. Just some thoughts.

    Hope your internet situation gets worked out soon. Be blessed!

    Jimmy Nimon

  4. It’s great to see the black and white theme, looks for classic. I will direct my associates to your site.

  5. Great work you’ve had here, very cool theme. Good luck!

  6. Perfect theme! Thanks themeshift team.!

  7. I absolutely love this template! I truly do. As well, would love to view other color schemes, although I have a way with color / background customizations.

    But I have to say…. living in the states, 39 EUR is a lot of money for a theme, when converted to USD.. especially when there are so many templates for 30 USD on themeforest… I would get this in a heartbeat but I feel given the cost, it’s not really an option…. sad.

  8. Okay…. I’m really considering your template more and more…

    BUUUT…. What would be a HUGE SELLING POINT for me is if it was updated so that all the H1 & H# tags are all CUFON Fonts, that were easily changed / replaced…. And if the menu headers were all Cufon Font text.

    that’s pretty much a crucial selling point for me. i will wait for that update to come around…

  9. Awesome theme! I have been running my portfolio on it for a month now and Im really pleased.

    Only bad thing is that I cant change the logo height. I also wish I could ad a Facebook och Twitter-button in the sidebar… anyone who solved that?

  10. Hey Johan, thanks for using my theme and your nice feedback. Please use the deLucide Social widget to add your social links to the sidebar –>

  11. Hi Simon!

    I really wanted to insert the Facebook Like Button instead of my own page.

    Dynamic height on the logo would have been great, perhaps in a future update?

    // Johan

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