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Update: Real Estate Theme deCondo 0.9.1 available

→ March 25, 2010 in deCondo, Theme Updates

As of today the new version 0.9.1 of my real estate theme deCondo is available. Apart from some minor bug fixes and much better image handling the theme is now running the new ThemeShift admin panel.

Image Handling

This version of deCondo is far better than the first one. The major improvement is the new image handling of the theme.

The old version of deCondo already supported WordPress post thumbnails but the property image gallery was still using an external image resizer script. deCondo 0.9.1 gives you three different options to add a property gallery and relies on built-in WordPress cropping functions.

  • The easiest way is to attach images to a post with the default WordPress media uploader (batch upload possible).
  • Another way is to add a comma-separated list of media file IDs in a custom field called gallery (also non-attached image files)
  • The last option is the old-fashioned way – custom field called photos with image URL as value (one URL per field)

New Theme Options Page

The new deCondo is now sporting the new ThemeShift admin panel (with logo uploader) that will let you set your theme options way faster.

New ThemeShift Admin Panel

Help Center

With this new version of deCondo I’m also introducing the new help center that is currenlty only available for deCondo and will be added to the other themes along with their next updates.

In the help center you can find useful screencasts to get you started with the theme. There are currently three screencasts:

  • How to install deCondo?
  • How to add a custom logo to deCondo?
  • How to add post images in deCondo?


Version 0.9.1 – March 25, 2010

  • Updated property image gallery script (now using post attachments or media file IDs)
  • Updated theme options page (new ThemeShift admin panel)
  • Fixed minor search function bug (when news category selected but empty)
  • Fixed minor IE7 bug (box floats)


  1. Hi, deCondo is just what I need for a customer. My only question is if it supports multi languages. In this case I would need German, English and Japanese. Is that possible? Thanks in advance for your answer.

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