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Quick Tour Through the ThemeShift Members Area

→ July 27, 2011 in News

Today I want to present the ThemeShift members area to those who are not members yet but want to have a glance behind the curtain.

1. Quick Bar

At the top of this website you can find the quick bar with links to login and -out, to your profile and useful shortlinks to the theme docs.

2. FAQ

Quite a few questions that clients have can be answered through the list of frequently asked questions prior to purchase and as theme owners.

3. General Usage

A useful part of the members area is the general usage page where you find screencasts and tutorials about basic functions that can be used in all themes (e.g. How to add a featured image).

4. Theme Documentation

Further you’ll find the theme documentation with theme-specific screencasts and tutorials.

5. Detailed Tutorials

As part of the theme documentation there are detailed tutorials to explain step-by-step every special feature of each theme.

6. Support Forum

And of course there is an active support forum to post your requests if your questions cannot be answered through the theme documentation.

Thank You!

In the ThemeShift members area every client should find an answer to his problem. And if not, there is always the professional and personal support in the forums. Saying this I want to seize the opportunity to say thank you to all the ThemeShift members who (with very few exceptions) are really kind and thankful for the support I provide. Thank you girls and guys!

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