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16+ User-Friendly WordPress Bookstore Themes for Publishers, Online Authors and Bloggers

When Amazon entered the marketplace as an online bookseller, it altered the landscape for small and large bookstores everywhere. It was sink or swim, and they were forced to change the way they played the game. Some chose to sell through Amazon or Abe, while others like Barnes and Noble started their own online shops. On the other hand, independent publishers have developed their own distribution networks – some sell direct to consumers, others sell through larger marketplaces or mom-and-pops stores. So whether you are starting a publishing house, a brick-and-mortar bookstore, or you are an author consolidating your books into an online sales portal, here is our compilation of the best WordPress bookstore themes for you to browse.

30+ Top Education WordPress Themes for Schools, Colleges and Online Universities

It doesn’t matter whether you run an online school or a physical one where people come to class and interact with teachers face to face. The dynamics of education are changing, and regardless of the format in which the learning takes place, all schools require websites. But not just any ol’ site will do. A school or college generally needs quite a bit of functionality, making it more tedious and expensive to develop a site from scratch. That’s where an education WordPress theme comes into play.

30+ Amazing Non-Profit WordPress Themes for your Charity or other Cause

For non-profit organizations, the Internet has become crucial in managing daily activities such as fundraising, donor support, volunteer coordination, relationship management, and event planning. The ability to accept donations online or manage calendars are just two examples of awesome features in a non-profit website. So whether you are bootstrapping a new foundation or looking for a base template to build a client site off of, if you are in the market for a non-profit WordPress theme, you’ve come to the right place.

20+ Best Hosting WordPress Themes designed for Server Providers and Hosting Companies

As a blogger, business, or eCommerce store owner, it’s required to find a hosting provider for you to launch your website. These hosts store all of your database files, and a good host is essential for keeping your website secure and fast. As a hosting provider, you need to represent your company in a professional manner online, showing off your services, hosting packages, and the pricing for all of those packages. There’s no reason to build a website from scratch, since you can find so many hosting WordPress themes online.

43+ Well Designed WordPress Bootstrap Themes for Your Online Shop, Business, or Other Website Needs

Most WordPress themes are created using some sort of framework or starter theme, where the developer takes a package of CSS, HTML, and other files in order to not start from scratch with the development. It all goes along with the idea to not reinvent the wheel, seeing as how there’s really no reason to build a website or theme from scratch nowadays. Bootstrap is one of those frameworks, using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for constructing mobile-ready websites and themes.

25+ Simple and Free One Page WordPress Themes that are Great for any Small Business Website!

Let’s say you’re a freelance website designer. You’ve rounded up a few family and personal clients, but you’re interested in moving forward. This means that a website is required to reach out to new local businesses that might need fresh website designs. Luckily, WordPress allows for you to quickly setup a portfolio, and the one page layout is often the best way to go. Why? Because one page layouts look wonderful on all devices, and they present all of the important information right upfront.

38+ Amazing Interior Design WordPress Themes for Decorators, Architects and Online Shops

Interior design requires a wide range of skill-sets, and the industry is filled with numerous professionals such as decorators, architects, and regular eCommerce shops that sell furniture, decorations, and other items that might be helpful when remodeling or designing a home. As with many professionals, interior designers require online presences, allowing them to showcase designs, talk to clients, and improve on the way the world sees their work.

20+ free Flat Design WordPress Themes that Won’t Distract from Your Business

Looking for a free flat WordPress theme? Well, you’re in luck, since we’ve scoured the internet for themes that offer that modern, sleek look for building a website. The flat design revolution is taking the internet by storm, since it offers a simplified version of what we’ve seen in years past. For example, a button won’t have a 3D look, but rather a flat composition, keeping the distractions down to a minimum. Just about all of the website elements should have some sort of flatness, and that’s what you’ll get with our recommendations below.

23+ Simple and Easy wordpress themes for Beginners or Professionals looking to get Their Website up Fast

The Internet is overflowing with WordPress themes so it’s not always easy to find a theme that will let you get your website up and running in a reasonable amount of time. This applies both to professional designers who want an easy WordPress theme because they need to launch a client website quickly and beginners who don’t know a lot about coding and just want to get their website up so they can focus on their business.

15+ Best WordPress Classified Themes for Creating the Perfect Classified Listing Website

The best WordPress classified themes are the ones that have flexibility and cleanliness. When you stop at a place like Craigslist, it’s pretty clear that they have put a decent amount of work into offering a wide range of products and services, along with a fairly clean interface. However, many of these classified sites like Craigslist are becoming more and more outdated. That’s why it’s a good time to take advantage of a certain niche, or to generate a website that works even better than the big dogs. Heck, the guys who started AirBnB could have stopped when they realized that what they were doing was basically replicating the apartment sharing and leasing section on Craigslist. But they realized that lots of functionality was missing, so they built their own classifieds system just for that purpose. Overall, classifieds are really good moneymakers if done properly. Therefore, we recommend going with a WordPress classified theme in order to put most of your focus on building a solid community.