Modula Gallery Review – A Gorgeous WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin

There are a ton of WordPress gallery plugins out there. By my last count, the number is somewhere between one to two million (slight hyperbole), which means the stakes are high when it comes to choosing a gallery solution for your WordPress site.

In my Modula Gallery review, I’ll try to lessen those stakes by giving you a peek at a neat freemium gallery plugin that offers everything from filterable categories to gorgeous styling effects and more. All for one low price.

19+ Outstanding Marketplace WordPress Themes for Creating a Multi-Vendor or Community Selling Website

Thanks to the advanced nature of WordPress, the extendibility of popular eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, and the flurry of WordPress themes dedicated to building an online shop, selling both physical and digital products on the internet has become relatively easy to do.

But what if you want to bring together both buyers and sellers on one website in the form of a multi-vendor or community selling website?

25+ Fast Loading WordPress Themes that will Make Sure Your Website Gets Seen

People want, no they demand, that your website load within 2 seconds or less. And, if you fail to meet this stringent expectation, you can guarantee your website’s bounce rate will increase significantly.

Moreover, Google is known for using website speed as one of many factors when determining rank status in search results. As a result, slow page loading speeds will surely affect your search engine ranking and harm your chances of ever being seen by your target audience.

Share Your Slides – How to Add a Google Slides Presentation to Your WordPress Website

Repurposing old blog content is the new black, and slideshows are one incredibly popular way to do this. Slideshows are a creative approach to visually sharing top post material that you want to recycle into a new format to get the most out of your valuable content. But how do you get a presentation onto your website? One simple way to do this is by using Google Slides, a powerful tool in Google’s open-source office suite. Want to learn how to add a Google Slides presentation to your website? Get ready, here we go!

26+ Most Customizable WordPress Themes for Small Businesses looking for infinite web possibilities

As a small business owner, rarely will you stumble upon the perfect WordPress theme that looks and functions exactly the way you want quickly. With the vast amount of free and premium themes available today, you would be lucky to find exactly what you were looking for without a little guidance. In fact, many website owners tear through multiple themes before finding the one that enables them to create their perfect website.

For those wishing to develop their own website, there are powerful and highly customizable WordPress themes that will give you every feature you could possibly need – plus some. Let us help narrow down the choices with our favorite WordPress themes for your small business.

20+ Awesome Lawyer WordPress Themes for your Legal Firm or Office

Being an attorney can be tough. There are so many competitors out there seeking the same clients you are. And, since most people in search of legal representation decide which law firm to go with based on the firm’s overall success rate and reputation, it is crucial you build that positive status within the legal community from the start. Building a good reputation and appealing to future clients can be achieved in many ways. One of the best ways is by creating a website built around the services you will provide to people needing legal counsel. Plus, a website is a great way to showcase your legal firm’s core values.

People who entrust attorneys to help them with their troubles are looking for professionalism, trust, compassion, and dependability. And what better way to reach as many people as possible, inform them about the legal world, and share what you can do for them, than by building a website?

30+ Amazing Beauty Blog WordPress Themes for Creating Great Fashion and Lifestyle Sites

If you are in the beauty biz or find yourself constantly asked about the latest trends in hair, makeup, and fashion, maybe it’s time you thought about building a WordPress beauty blog and sharing your expertise with those looking to stay current in the fashion world. After all, starting a beauty, fashion, or even lifestyle website is not only exciting but can be lucrative as well. If you are looking to break into the fashion world and share your wealth of knowledge, check out our roundup of amazing beauty blog WordPress themes.


16+ User-Friendly WordPress Bookstore Themes for Publishers, Online Authors and Bloggers

When Amazon entered the marketplace as an online bookseller, it altered the landscape for small and large bookstores everywhere. It was sink or swim, and they were forced to change the way they played the game. Some chose to sell through Amazon or Abe, while others like Barnes and Noble started their own online shops. On the other hand, independent publishers have developed their own distribution networks – some sell direct to consumers, others sell through larger marketplaces or mom-and-pops stores. So whether you are starting a publishing house, a brick-and-mortar bookstore, or you are an author consolidating your books into an online sales portal, here is our compilation of the best WordPress bookstore themes for you to browse.

30+ Top Education WordPress Themes for Schools, Colleges and Online Universities

It doesn’t matter whether you run an online school or a physical one where people come to class and interact with teachers face to face. The dynamics of education are changing, and regardless of the format in which the learning takes place, all schools require websites. But not just any ol’ site will do. A school or college generally needs quite a bit of functionality, making it more tedious and expensive to develop a site from scratch. That’s where an education WordPress theme comes into play.