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25+ Best WordPress Themes of The Year for Building the Website of Your Dreams

You’re looking at the cream of the crop here. Every year thousands of WordPress themes come out, some revolutionary, some not so much. Since there’s such an incredible number of developers working on WordPress themes, it’s tough to sift through to find the best. However, some of them clearly standout from the crowd. If you’ve been reading about WordPress themes or searching for lists like this, you’re probably going to recognize some of the themes we have on the list. Why? Because they are generally talked about all over the internet. What qualifies a theme to be considered one of the best of the year? Well, to start, it has to include responsive layouts for people to view on mobile devices. This is a must have, especially considering Google is cracking down on sites that don’t cater to people with tablets and phones. In addition to that, you’ll find that all of the best themes provide well written code and wonderful support. There’s no reason to go with a WordPress theme if you can’t trust the people behind the help desk. You’re bound to run into a problem at some point, so why not have some experts to guide you to the light?

35+ Clean WordPress Themes That Are Well Designed and Simply Eye-Catching

Complicated animations and hefty use of colors has become a thing of the past. It’s far more common to see websites with lots of white space in the background and flat, clean designs. This doesn’t mean there’s still not a place for things like Flash and other effects, but these are more often than not being replaced with things like parallax movements. Why is this the case? Well, there are a few reasons. One is that more complicated and messy designs caused sites to load slower. That’s a huge problem considering the whole point of a website is to convince a customer to stick around and potentially buy something. The other main reason cleanliness is more desirable nowadays is because it maintains a more fruitful user interface. For example, a call to action button is more likely to be effective if it’s not surrounded by an onslaught of other icons, effects, text boxes and banner ads. You’re better off finding a WordPress theme that puts all of the focus on the button, in order to bring in more sales and show customers that you’re not trying to constantly upsell them or make their heads explode.

20+ Three Column WordPress Themes for your Newspaper or Magazine

If you were to ask random developers on the street whether or not they like 3-column designs, you’d most likely get a mixed bag of responses. Some would argue that a 3-column layout causes clutter for most sites, while others would state the exact opposite. One thing is for sure, the 3-column design is not for every type of website. In fact, it’s most commonly utilized for online newspapers and magazines. However, you may stumble upon some business or blog websites with nicely organized columns.

48+ Free Feminine WordPress Themes for Start-Ups, Small Businesses, Blogs and More!

What elements of a theme make it feminine? Does it always have to include pink and purples colors? Well, not really, but sometimes. In fact, some of the more feminine WordPress themes online don’t have any traces of what one might consider feminine. Since gender roles are changing and people are starting to realize that not all women like those pink and purple colors, it’s interesting to see exactly what types of website designs are being displayed by females. For example, many of the best feminine WordPress themes have mostly white colors, with some sprinkles of elegant typography and swirling designs. That’s not to say that these are the only layouts, since some of them have some darker colors as well. Since the idea of femininity has no real bounds, we put together a list of options that can cater to all types of women. Heck, even men might be wanting to find a feminine theme for their blog or website. It all comes down to what you’re writing or what you’re trying to sell.

35+ Premium WordPress Themes for your Business, Blog or Portfolio Website

Understanding the difference between a premium WordPress theme and a non-premium one is pretty simple. To start, premium options are generally sold for a price. Although free themes are often solid, you will generally have a tough time figuring out if that’s the case. In addition, premium themes are built by experienced developers who always offer customer support. On the other hand, a non-premium theme may be posted online for free, where you can download it and implement it on any of your websites. The only problem with this is that you often can’t send an email to the developer if something goes wrong. Overall, we recommend going with premium themes because they don’t cost that much to begin with, and you can at least talk to someone if you’re having problems with a design aspect or the theme loading properly. Also, premium themes tend to have much better coding, allowing for easy integrations with plugins and speeding up your website overall.

30+ Beautiful WordPress Themes For Creating a Stylish, Eye-Catching Website that People Will Love

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yet we also tend to look at a WordPress theme and objectively agree on the ones that are more beautiful than others. That said, people have different preferences, so someone may feel like a clean, minimalist theme is more beautiful than that of a theme with a fullscreen header. The goal of a beautiful WordPress theme is to establish your brand and create a stylish, eye-catching website that people will love. Therefore, it’s important to establish what you would call beauty and combine this with both your branding strategy and the overall look and feel that fits with your industry. For example, a band can find beauty in some of the themes listed below, but they probably wouldn’t want to go with a theme that has pink colors and flower designs throughout. On the other hand, a business might realize that a parallax header would serve as a beautiful way to show off an image and present a call to action. However, some other companies might find that an effect like this could be counterproductive.

45+ Free Business WordPress Themes for Start-Ups and Home Businesses

Establishing a business is hard enough. You need to think about product development, logistics, shipping, employee management, and more. That brings up several costs, including the fact that you need to find a business website for an online presence. It all depends on the type of company you’re running, too. Since, an eCommerce store would require an integration with WooCommerce, that makes it far different from that of a regular business website with services featured.

20+ WordPress Video Themes for Video Bloggers, Gamers and Movie Reviewers

Imagine you come home from a long day at work. Your brain is fried, so the mere thought of engaging in an activity that takes brain power is completely out of the question. So, you flip on the TV to watch a few hours of your favorite Netflix sitcom. Enjoyable, isn’t it? Or maybe you come home desperate learn a how to try out a new hairdo. YouTube definitely has you covered for that. But have you ever sat back watching these videos and thought, “I can do that?”

If you have information to share with the world or an entertainment perspective on life, you might wish to dabble in the world of video content creation. Sound like you? Read on because today we’ll be discussing the role WordPress video themes play in showcasing memorable online entertainment for video bloggers, gamers, and movie reviewers.

60+ Responsive WordPress Themes that will help create the perfect website for bloggers, businesses and more!

Let’s face it. If you stumble upon a non-responsive WordPress theme, you should stay away from it. You’ll notice that most developers are phasing out their older themes, and the main reason is because they aren’t mobile responsive. Google has stated that it will penalize websites that don’t cater to mobile users, and rightfully so. After all, mobile usage is going up like crazy, so it makes sense to initiate rules that benefit the growing trend. As the mobile revolution continues, we’re bound to see more and more responsive WordPress themes, to the point where seeing one that’s not responsive will be strange. So simply searching for responsive themes online is going to lead you down numerous paths. It’s probably one of the most general searches you can make, leaving you with thousands of options and no guidance along the way. However, not all responsive solutions are made equal. Some look better on smaller devices and some have better coding than others.

60+ Creative WordPress Themes that are Responsive, Unique and Easy To Use

A creative WordPress theme could mean many things. You may expect to see lots of colors or animations, or you may be looking for more of a professional website with a creative flair. Regardless of the type of creativity you’d like to achieve, you’ll find a decent number of WordPress themes to choose from. Many of them include features such as parallax backgrounds, which are great for grabbing user attention and showing them that your company has some creativity. Another reason you may be looking for a creative theme is to improve on the stylings of your current website. For example, websites from ten years ago may not look exactly impressive. A customer is not going to stick around your site for that long if it’s boring and outdated. Therefore, we recommend getting creative with a theme yourself, with custom CSS, custom widgets, shortcodes and the wide variety of options you can play around with. However, it all starts with a theme that provides these opportunities.