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34+ Best Construction WordPress Themes Professional Trade Businesses Big and Small

Construction never seems to be completed, especially if you live in a city. That’s good news for construction companies because they always know that work is on the horizon. However, that makes you wonder how contractors and construction companies find their work. It’s certainly not through the YellowPages anymore. Nope, the majority of construction companies are found on the internet, with a simple Google search. Therefore, if your construction company website is out of date, or non-existent, a problem is certainly going to arise. Whether a company offers construction services for cities or businesses or residential situations, the clients are constantly going to be searching websites for the next contractor to work with. Since the goal of getting a professional website is to spend as little time on it as possible, your best bet is to go with a construction WordPress theme. Lots of them are available online, so we put together a list of the best options to choose from.

37+ Best WordPress Hotel Themes for Booking, Reservations and Travel Accomodations

Running a hotel comes with a considerable amount of work. You have to manage the staff, make sure all the rooms are clean, connect with customers and understand that each day is going to hit you with a new surprise. In fact, one could argue that managing a hotel is one of the most rewarding, yet difficult jobs in the world. Think about it. You’re in the service industry where anything could happen, yet hopefully you’re in a beautiful area with plenty of activities to do in the neighborhood. The point is that working at a hotel is hard work, so it’s no wonder that managers are not jumping out of their seats to build or manage a website. Therefore, it’s a good idea to go with one of the best WordPress hotel themes. The market is filled with themes built just for hotels and motels, so you’re bound to find a design that fits your needs. For example, you may want to have a reservations module on the homepage. Most of the themes we’re going to talk about today have just that.

26+ WordPress Directory Themes for Listing, Classified and Ad-focused Websites

Online directories used to be more popular. They were spots on the internet where users could find businesses, websites, niche blogs and more. They were seen as places that businesses must be listed on in order to boost search engine juice. Although Google has since decreased the need for companies to be listed on these directories, many of the niche sites are still running strong. Why? Because the good ones actually provide value for the customers. For example, a directory site like Yelp offers information that you can’t find anywhere else, and people are constantly looking for good restaurants and local businesses to check out. When it’s all said and done, you still have a chance to make a decent amount of money by creating your own online directory. How? It all starts with finding the right niche.

20+ Outstanding WordPress Review Themes for Bloggers, Gamers and Restaurant Critics

Whether you’re reviewing movies or books, video games or restaurants, your reader needs ways to comprehend your reviews so that they can make decisions in their own life. The whole point of a critic is to cut down on the amount of money and time people are gong to spend on items and services they may not actually want. For example, movies are expensive nowadays, so a teenage boy would turn to a reviewer so they don’t get stuck spending $12 for a romantic comedy they’re not interested in.

30+ Best WordPress Newspaper Themes for Online News Mags and Info-Bloggers

Extra, Extra! Read all about it!

It’s been awhile since anyone has heard those words, and it’s all because of the internet. Whether you think the destruction of the newspaper business is a good or bad thing, the online newspaper biz is here to stay. Publications from USA Today to the New York Times are all releasing online versions, looking for different ways to monetize and attempting to shift their once tried-and-true businesses to the digital age.

As the past few decades have shown us, online magazines and newspapers can be rather profitable, and the internet has also opened up opportunities to smaller media outlets to flourish. Take the Huffington Post for example. Would it ever have found the success it has today if it had to compete with the print business? From newspapers that cover politics to those that only focus on technology, you have a chance to make an online publication with a WordPress newspaper theme.

50+ WordPress Themes for Bakeries, Pâtisseries or confectioneries

Can you smell that? It’s the sweet scent of pastries, muffins, and freshly baked bread. We all know what it’s like to walk into a bakery, but as a bakery or confectionery owner, how do you go about getting people into your shop in the first place? Well, it all starts with a well-established online presence, meaning a website with beautiful imagery, menus, and options for contacting the bakery. The thing about a bakery is that you’ll want to spend as much time actually baking goods as you can. Therefore, a website seems like a waste of money and time. However, there’s no need to worry about hiring an expensive developer. And you don’t need to have a development degree to construct your own website. All you need is a beautiful WordPress theme for bakeries to liven up your website. The cool part is that quite a few development companies create themes just for bakeries, with interesting demo content and layouts that are perfect for displaying information about your baking business.

20+ Fantastic Flat Design WordPress Themes for Creative Portfolios and Blogs without all the Clutter

As a growing trend in the web development world, flat design is very much in contrast to many of the more popular design tactics used in the recent past. For example, designers have created buttons, images, and other website elements to reveal more of a 3D view, making it look like the items, like buttons, are coming out from the page. Flat design, on the other hand, focuses on the two-dimensional, utilizing more white space, flatter elements, and even vibrant colors to amplify the effects.

50+ Superb WordPress Shop Themes for Online Entrepreneurs, Shops & E-Sellers

The art of the online store is a fickle one. Setting up payment processors, uploading products, writing product descriptions and managing orders. It’s all part of the crazy world so many people have delved into. The cool part is that it’s actually not that hard to get all setup with your own eCommerce store. In fact, all you need is a stylish, and well coded, WordPress shop theme. These are for the folks who are looking to make big bucks, but also put in lots of hard work. After all, it rarely happens that an online entrepreneur is spending most of her time on a beach while others run a business for her. Nope. That’s not the case, but with the help of one of these WordPress shop themes, you can launch your business and be well on your way to success.

18+ Best WordPress Travel Themes for Bloggers with Wanderlost, Photographers on the Road and Anyone with Stories to Tell!

The travel blog has seen a surge in popularity since so many people are trying to travel around the world. Even just twenty years ago we didn’t see nearly as many tourists as we do today, and with the help of the top travel bloggers in the world, people can find the best deals, coolest attractions and much more. Heck, lots of people are starting to travel all the time, even though they don’t have that much money to do so. That’s the way the world is today. We have photographers and writers checking out every corner of the globe, delivering beautiful reports, talking about what visitors should explore and touching on the routes that are best to take when landing in a foreign land. What’s interesting is that travel bloggers or photographers don’t even need to go very far to cover some of the many wonders of the world.

22+ Political WordPress Themes for Campaigns, Elections and Government Websites 2016

Whether you’re running a campaign for another man or trying to bring in funds for your favorite presidential candidate, a website is required for any kind of traction to occur. The whole goal is to accumulate a certain amount of money, and you can clearly see that any politician has a large Donate button towards the top of the site. Not only that, but you’ll need a way to track the campaign trail. Whew! Before you get overwhelmed, allow me to reassure you that political WordPress themes make all of this a lot easier.